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See our pricing page for current plans.

Do my networks still work properly if I'm out of compliance?

Yes, everything works fine for the old network members you've set up. Many people use ZeroTier for critical infrastructure and we make it our highest priority to ensure your service isn't interrupted in relation to the new pricing plan. Our enforcement just blocks your ability to add new members to your network until you're in compliance with the new plan.


On Thursday, 9 June 2022 we updated our product plans and the Free Basic plan has changed. Here are some things to know:

We have changed the number of nodes available on the Free Basic plan from 50 to 25.

We have also changed how we count them. We now count total nodes authorized across all the networks you have, not individual members on networks, so while the free limit is now 25, these nodes can now be authorized on multiple networks. Networks are free. For some users with multiple networks, this may amount to a limit increase.

If you are over the limit, your networks and the nodes already authorized on them will still work, but you will need to purchase node packs to add new nodes.

Node packs are only $5.00/month for packs of 25 nodes. You can purchase them on your account page in ZeroTier Central.

For more information about the pricing plan, please read: