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ZeroTier API Tokens

Using ZeroTier API Tokens

Access to the ZeroTier APIs requires an authentication token. This guide describes the methods and tools needed to create and manage these tokens.

ZeroTier Central Token

To use the Central API, you need a token associated with your account. To create one, log into and create a named token in the Account tab. Pick a memorable name that shows the intended use of the token: for example, "Terraform automation token" or "internal dev key".

token screenshot

Each token you create is associated with your user account, so it will allow the same level of access to manage and query networks that you have when working in the Central UI.


The token is displayed only once at the time you create it, so you should save it somewhere safe before clicking 'Done'.

ZeroTierOne Service Token

The local service API token is store in the authtoken.secret file in the ZeroTier service state directory. You'll need it to make API calls to the local service.


ZeroTier generates the token at random the first time it starts. If you delete the file and restart the ZeroTierOne service a new token will be created, and the existing token will no longer be usable to access the API.

You can store the current auth token value in an environment variable for use in scripting and local development using the following terminal commands:

TOKEN=$(sudo cat /var/lib/zerotier-one/authtoken.secret)