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Create directory to persist across firmware upgrades

mkdir -p /config/data/firstboot/install-packages/


ER-4, ER-6P, ER-12, ER-12P, ERLite-3, ERPoe-5, ER-8, ERPro-8, EP-R8, USG, USG-Pro, USG-XG-8

curl \
--output /config/data/firstboot/install-packages/zerotier-one.deb

Note: The package must be placed and kept in /config/data/firstboot/install-packages/ so that your device can automatically re-install ZeroTier upon firmware upgrade.


sudo dpkg -i /config/data/firstboot/install-packages/zerotier-one.deb

Starting and stopping

Note: the service will start automatically on system boot.

sudo systemctl status|start|stop zerotier-one.service


sudo dpkg -r zerotier-one
sudo rm -rf /config/data/firstboot/install-packages/zerotier-one.deb
sudo rm -rf /config/zerotier-one

Please report bugs or compatibility issues here.

More information about routing between physical and virtual ZeroTier networks can be found here

Next steps

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