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Layer 5 Proxy (Pylon)

zerotier/pylon is a tool built using libzt that allows you to run a SOCKS5 Proxy that connects services and apps to and from your secure ZeroTier network without installing ZeroTier and without bringing up any new network interfaces. Pylon can be run as one of two personalities that can work alone or together depending on your needs:

NameWhat does this doIs this a ZeroTier Node?
pylon refractThis bridges traffic to and from your LANYes
pylon reflectThis relays traffic over TCP/443No

In a nutshell you run pylon refract on some physical device on your LAN. Then devices and services that cannot install ZeroTier will connect to it on a port that you specify. Now services or devices on your LAN can talk to things on your ZeroTier network and vice versa. You can optionally run a pylon reflect if you're behind some tricky NAT and need to relay over TCP/443.

See the repo for more thorough instructions: zerotier/pylon


This topic is related to but different from Bridging. Proxy mode is useful if you're unable to install our normal client on your devices.