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The OpenWRT Project is a Linux operating system targeting embedded devices.

ZeroTierOne is available as a package from the primary OpenWRT project, as well as many OpenWRT-based platforms including Teltonika RutOS and GL.iNET portable routers.

To install and configure ZeroTierOne on OpenWRT, please see the main project wiki. That page includes guidance on not just the initial setup, but how to configure other router and firewall options to handle traffic across the ZeroTier network(s) for your environment.

Advanced Configuration

As noted in the wiki article above, you can set a number of basic ZeroTierOne settings via UCI configuration values, either by editing the file /etc/config/network/zerotier or using the LuCU web interface.

However, some features require manual configuration:

  • Hosting a ZeroTier controller on your OpenWRT device requires a writable filesystem location to store controller state (such as authorized members) using the config_path option
  • Overriding options in local.conf such as lowBandwidthMode requires creating a valid local config file and then setting local_conf in the UCI configuration to point to it.
Next steps

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