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MikroTik maintains a ZeroTier package for their line of routers. This page is intended to eventually function as a complement to the official MikroTik documentation. If you're new to ZeroTier we'd recommend reading our Getting Started Guide as well. Other useful resources include this post on the MikroTik Forums. You can view MikroTik's original announcement and discussion here. If you need further assistance please create an issue on Github.


If you're an enterprise-sized entity looking to integrate MikroTik + ZeroTier we'd recommend getting some guidance from IP ArchiTechs who are very familiar with the performance characteristics of various models and can help design a solution for you.


For best performance it is recommended that you choose an ARM64 device. ARM32 devices will work but with significantly reduced performance. Currently no MIPS ZeroTier package exists for MikroTik devices.