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#include <ZeroTierOne.h>

Public Attributes#

const void *data
unsigned intlength

Detailed Description#

struct ZT_UserMessage;

User message used with ZT_EVENT_USER_MESSAGE

These are direct VL1 P2P messages for application use. Encryption and authentication in the ZeroTier protocol will guarantee the origin address and message content, but you are responsible for any other levels of authentication or access control that are required. Any node in the world can send you a user message! (Unless your network is air gapped.)

Public Attributes Documentation#

variable origin#

uint64_t origin;

ZeroTier address of sender (least significant 40 bits)

variable typeId#

uint64_t typeId;

User message type ID

variable data#

const void * data;

User message data (not including type ID)

variable length#

unsigned int length;

Length of data in bytes

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