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Install ZeroTier#


Manually install:

  • App Central -> Management (bottom left) -> Manual Install.

Enable SSH#

Enable remote access via SSH:

  • Services -> Terminal
ssh admin@local-ip

ZeroTier CLI#

There is no GUI for NAS packages, only a CLI:

Usage: zerotier-cli [-switches] <command/path> [<args>]
Available switches:
-h - Display this help
-v - Show version
-j - Display full raw JSON output
-D<path> - ZeroTier home path for parameter auto-detect
-p<port> - HTTP port (default: auto)
-T<token> - Authentication token (default: auto)
Available commands:
info - Display status info
listpeers - List all peers
listnetworks - List all networks
join <network> - Join a network
leave <network> - Leave a network
set <network> <setting> - Set a network setting
listmoons - List moons (federated root sets)
orbit <world ID> <seed> - Join a moon via any member root
deorbit <world ID> - Leave a moon

Upgrading ZeroTier#

To upgrade ZeroTier you will need to uninstall the current version of the package and install the desired version. If you wish to preserve your identity you should back up the identity.secret file located in /var/lib/zerotier-one.